Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Understanding Storage and Retrieval
of Items and Animals
Two major types of storage are available in FarmVille: animal shelters that
hold specific types of animals, and storage facilities that hold all sorts of
decorations. Also, some storage facilities, such as Garages and Garden Sheds,
can store only specific types of decorations and items.
Stored items can't be seen by neighbors who visit your farm, but they also
don't take up any of your valuable farm space (aside from the space needed
for the storage facility, that is). Of course, you can place stored items back on
your farm if you want, as discussed later in this chapter.
Building storage facilities from frames
You can purchase animal shelters (and some limited-edition buildings)
directly with Farm Cash or you can build them using a combination of Farm
Coins (to purchase a frame) and building supplies, which can you can receive
as gifts from neighbors or purchase using Farm Cash.
Although each building frame requires different quantities and types of
building materials to complete (Figure 9-1 shows an example), the construction
process is similar for each building type.
Figure 9-1: The building materials menu for an incomplete
nursery barn frame.
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