Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Adding Storage Facilities
and Animal Shelters
In This Chapter
Understanding how to store and retrieve items and animals
Knowing what to store where
Building and expanding storage facilities
Sheltering and breeding animals
One of the most common requests from virtual farmers is for more
storage! After playing FarmVille for a while, the panoply of adorable
decorations, designer homes, and priceless animals you've collected
can quickly turn your farm from a verdant paradise to a hoarder's
Having lots of clutter on your farm not only slows down
your game play but also reduces space for profitable
crop planting. You can always sell off your excess
items and animals to take back your space, of
course, but chances are good that you've grown
attached to at least a few of the things that make
your farm uniquely yours.
For many farmers, storing their extra items and
animals using storage buildings is a much more
agreeable option. This chapter tells you everything
you need to know about FarmVille's storage options.
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