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3. Click Accept.
The game returns you to your farm, and your XP bonus is noted in your
Click this link . . .
. . . or this one to get your bonus
Figure 8-5: A bonus XP link as seen in a FarmVille news feed.
Costs and benefits
Because collecting news feed bonuses doesn't actually involve playing
FarmVille, you pay no in-game cost to this method to gain XP. Only your time
and a keen eye for skimming through Facebook updates quickly are required.
Therefore, the method is especially useful for new farmers who might not
have disposable in-game currency to spend on other methods.
The trick to making the news feed method work for you is having a lot of
FarmVille neighbors, and thus more potential bonuses to collect. See
Chapter 4 for more on finding and inviting new neighbors to join your
FarmVille network. After you've gained those neighbors, be sure to encourage
them to click the Share button whenever the game asks whether they want to
post a bonus to their wall. Remember, their gain is your gain.
In addition to posting about XP and coin bonuses to celebrate achievements,
your neighbors can also post about items such as lost pets, bushels, collectibles,
and other bonuses to your newsfeeds. Although these bonuses don't generate
XP directly, they can generate coins and other benefits that can lead to
increased experience and leveling. You can also occasionally gain free XP
from mystery eggs found by feeding your neighbor's chickens — see Chapter
4 for more on how helping your neighbors helps you.
The big-spender method
Because purchasing items from the FarmVille Market grants an XP bonus, farm-
ers who have no qualms about spending loads of Farm Cash or Farm Coins can
spend their way right to the upper echelons of FarmVille's leveling system.
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