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Costs and benefits
Here's how the coin and XP breakdown works out for one plot under the
soybean method.
Plowing a plot of land: ×15 Farm Coins, + 1 XP
Planting a plot of soybeans: ×15 Coins, + 2 XP
Deleting a seeded plot: ×0 coins, +0 XP
Totals: ×30 Farm Coins, +3 XP — 10 Farm Coins/XP
Soybeans are the cheapest seeds available in the FarmVille Market that also
yield XP. The one-day ripening time before harvest is irrelevant when you use
the soybean method because the plots are deleted before they can mature.
The soybean method requires fewer coins than the hay bale method to
generate the same amount of XP, but it does require significantly more
clicking of the mouse, as well as more cleared space on your farm.
The news feed method
One method for gaining XP and levels in FarmVille doesn't actually involve
playing the game. By stalking your friends' news feeds for posted XP and coin
bonuses, you can level up without planting a single crop or buying a single
item. What could be simpler?
To gain XP via the news feed method, you need:
Neighbors: As many as you can get. For more on adding and interacting
with neighbors, see Chapter 4.
Time and attention: To invest in watching your Facebook news feed for
bonus links.
How it works
Follow these steps to gain XP using the news feed method:
1. Scan your Facebook news feed for FarmVille achievement bonuses
posted by your neighbors, as shown in Figure 8-5.
Be sure to click the Most Recent tab at the top of your news feed to
make sure you see all your friends' updates, not just the ones that
Facebook offers as the most relevant.
2. Click the Get a Bonus from Them link in the news feed post.
Coins and experience points are added to your FarmVille account. Note
that bonus links expire 24 hours after they're posted, so be sure to scour
your news feed frequently.
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