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2. Click the Market button on the Tools menu.
The Market menu appears.
3. Click the Seeds button.
A list of all the seeds you can currently buy, shown in Figure 8-4,
4. Click the Buy button underneath the soybeans.
The Market menu disappears and a soybean icon appears next to your
mouse pointer.
5. Click the plowed plots to plant soybeans.
Planting soybeans costs 15 coins and earns 2 XP per plot. Note that
vehicles such as the seeder can perform this process more quickly
because of their ability to seed multiple plots of land in one click.
6. Hover over the Multi tool on the Tools Menu and click the Recycle
tool in the pop-up menu that appears.
7. Click the seeded plots to delete them.
Even though the plot is gone, you still keep the experience points for the
8. Repeat Steps 1-7 as often as desired.
Save a little bit of money to buy seeds that you actually intend to harvest
so that you can replenish your Farm Coin account.
Figure 8-4: The Seed Purchasing menu.
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