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Costs and benefits
Now that you know how the hay bale method works, let's do some math:
Buying a hay bale: ×100 Farm Coins; +5 XP
Selling a hay bale: +5 Farm Coins
Total: ×95 Farm Coins, +5 XP — 19 Farm Coins/XP
Note that you can also tweak the Hay Bale method by using the same general
concept with other items on the Market menu, such as Whitewash Fences.
Hay bales provide the best coin-to-XP ratio, however, and their small footprint
means you can place more of them in the same space.
Buying lots of hay bales also helps you to earn the Baled Out and Pack Rat
ribbons, which in turn reward you with additional coins and XP. See Chapter
11 for more on earning ribbons.
The soybean method
Usually when you plant seeds, you leave your work to sit and ripen before a
lucrative harvest. With the soybean method, however, you'll be deleting all
your hard work almost immediately but still reaping the XP rewards!
The requirements for the soybean method are as follows:
Cleared farm space: On which to plant your soybeans. You can technically
perform this method with as little as one plot, but more space will make
the entire process more efficient.
Farm Coins: As many as you can gather and afford to spend — the more
the better.
Free time and patience: Lots of it.
How it works
Follow these steps to level up quickly using the soybean method.
1. Plow as many plots of land as possible.
This costs 15 coins and earns 1 XP per plot of land. You can plow
soybeans using either the Plow tool (the Tools menu is described in
Chapter 3) or a vehicle such as the tractor. The tractor can cover more
plots of land per click than the Plow tool.
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