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5. Click the Buy button underneath the regular hay bale.
The Market menu disappears, and a hay bale appears attached to your
mouse pointer.
6. Click open areas on your farm to place as many hay bales as you have
room and budget for.
Each hay bale you place earns 5 XP and subtracts 100 coins from your
7. Click the Multi tool on the Tools menu.
8. Click each hay bale and then click Sell.
This clears space on your farm, allowing you to place more hay bales,
and also earns back 5 coins. You get to keep the XP you earned for the
You can click the Recycle tool from the Tools menu and use it to sell
items much more quickly. See Chapter 3 for more on tools in the Tools
9. Repeat Steps 1 through 8 as often as desired.
Be careful not to deplete your coin balance too much — you still might
need money to buy seeds and generate more coins.
Figure 8-3: The Hay Bales purchasing menu.
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