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Leveling Up Quickly
Leveling up is an important goal for many FarmVille players. Although regular
farming with no particular strategy in mind eventually gets you to higher
levels, some players just can't wait to see a shiny new number next to their
name. FarmVille provides many ways to quickly acquire the XP needed to
reach new levels. Here are just a few of the methods that some of FarmVille's
best power-levelers rely on.
The hay bale method
Buying decorative items such as hay bales isn't just good for sprucing up
your farm — it can also be your ticket to quick XP. Hay bales are particularly
efficient for generating experience, earning you 5 XP for each 100-coin purchase.
Before starting the hay bale method, you need the following:
Cleared farm space: A wide expanse on which to place your hay bales.
Although technically you can perform this method with space for only
one hay bale, more space makes the entire process more efficient.
Farm Coins: As many as you can gather and afford to spend — the more
the better.
Free time and patience: Lots of it.
How it works
Follow these steps to level up quickly using the hay bale method:
1. Click the Market button in the Tools menu.
The Market menu (which we thoroughly discuss in Chapter 6) appears.
2. Click the Decorations button.
A list of all purchasable decorations appears.
3. Click the Hay Bales button.
A list of all purchasable hay bales appears.
4. Click the right arrow until you see the regular hay bale.
The Market menu should now look like the one shown in Figure 8-3. This
straw-colored hay bale costs only 100 Farm Coins.
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