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Reaching the highest levels
When FarmVille was first released, farmers
couldn't advance past level 70. Farmers who
reached this highest level continued to accu-
mulate XP but didn't have any new levels to
show for it. As more and more diligent farmers
reached level 70, many started demanding a
more expansive level system to recognize their
continued progress.
FarmVille maker Zynga finally expanded the
leveling system a bit in June 2010, raising the
level caps from 70 to 90. Just a few weeks
later, Zynga increased the cap to level 100 and
then increased it further, finally settling on the
current cap of 999. The new level caps also
brought new incentives for high-level players,
including exclusive crops, items, and gifts that
can be unlocked only at higher levels (see Table
8-2, later in this chapter, for a list of what gifts
you unlock at each level).
Figure 8-2: A level up notification.
Unlocking new items and features by leveling up
Earning new levels isn't just about vanity, though. Many new levels come
with the keys to previously locked parts of the FarmVille experience,
including new items for purchase and gifting and even previously inaccessible
gameplay features.
We lay out these specific rewards, along with the XP and level requirements
to obtain them, in Tables 8-1 and 8-2. Note that Zynga occasionally tweaks the
XP requirements for each level and the unlock schedule for certain items, so
this list might not be entirely accurate in the future.
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