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Earning ribbons: 10-1,000 XP
This includes 10-50 XP for a yellow ribbon, 20-50 XP for a white
ribbon, 50-100 XP for a red ribbon, and 100-1,000 XP for a blue
ribbon. For more on earning ribbons, see Chapter 11.
Receiving XP in gifts: 20-1,520 XP
This includes 20 XP bonuses found in mystery gifts, up to 500 XP
bonuses found in mystery eggs (shown in Figure 8-1) and bonuses
of up to 2,000 XP found in mystery boxes. For more on giving and
receiving gifts, see Chapter 4.
Figure 8-1: An example of an XP bonus
gained from a mystery egg.
What are levels?
In FarmVille, levels are simply the game's way of acknowledging when you
attain certain amounts of experience points. Each level, starting with the
beginning level 1 (Farm Hand), is noted with a number and a unique name.
Your current level is always displayed within the gold star in the middle of
the top row of the FarmVille play area, next to your experience points.
When you reach a new level, the game informs you with a pop-up notification
like the one shown in Figure 8-2. Click the Share button to bring up the
Facebook news post menu and share your accomplishment with your
Facebook friends, or click Cancel to get back to your farm.
FarmVille's leveling system currently maxes out at levels 999, although this
wasn't always the case, as you can read in the “Reaching the highest levels”
sidebar. Note that you can continue playing FarmVille and gaining XP after
reaching level 999, but your level will no longer increase.
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