Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Collecting from your horse stable: 100 XP
Note that you receive this XP bonus only as an occasional gift for
collecting from a stable. For more on building and maintaining
horse stables and other buildings, see Chapter 9.
Buying items:
Buildings: Up to 50,000 XP
Decorations: Up to 15,000 XP
Animals: Up to 10,000 XP
Vehicles: Up to 5,000 XP
Pets: 50-500 XP
Trees: Up to 332 XP
Limited Edition Theme Items = 0-3,500 XP
Crafting a good in a crafting building: 50 XP
For more on crafting and crafting buildings, see Chapter 7.
For more on which items provide the most XP bang for the buck, see the
Big Spender leveling method discussed later in this chapter.
Helping neighbors:
Fertilizing or unwithering neighbors' crops or plowing neighbors'
plots: 1 XP
Note that you can perform these combined only five times per
neighbor per day. (For more on visiting and helping neighbors'
farms, see Chapter 4.)
Feeding neighbors' chicken coops: 10 XP
Note that you can feed each neighbor's chicken coop only once
a day.
Earning XP as rewards:
Completing a collection set: 250 XP
For more on collections, see Chapter 11.
Completing a co-op farming challenge: 260-1035 XP
For more on co-op farming, see Chapter 12.
Mastering crops: 25-250 XP
Level 1 mastery is worth 25 XP, level 2 mastery 50 XP, and level 3
250 XP. For more on mastering crops, see Chapter 11.
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