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What are experience points (XP)?
Experience points, also known as XP, are a numerical measurement of your
progress in FarmVille. Unlike in-game currency such as Farm Cash and Coins,
experience points can be gained but not spent. This means that XP is the
best method for telling, at a glance, just how much a farmer has actually done
in the game. When you reach certain XP targets, FarmVille grants you a new
level. (See Table 8-1 and the XP requirements discussion later in the chapter.)
The total number of XP you've earned so far is displayed as a white number
in your XP status bar, located centrally in the top row of the FarmVille play
area. The white bar behind this number shows how close you are to reaching
the next level, and the accompanying number inside the gold star shows your
current level.
You can compare your XP and level to that of your neighbors by looking at
the similar numbers listed along with their name and picture on your neighbor
bar at the bottom of the play area. (See Chapter 4 for more on interacting
with neighbors.)
How to Earn XP
You can earn XP for everything from working your farm and buying items
from the market to helping out your neighbors, selling goods, or clicking
bonus links on a Facebook news feed.
Here's a detailed list of all the ways you can gain XP in FarmVille, and how
much you can expect from each action.
Plowing a plot of land: 1 XP
Planting seeds: 1-3 XP (depending on the seed)
For more on maximizing your rate of XP gain through crops, see
the section on maximizing profits in Chapter 6.
Harvesting premium crops: 1-8 XP
Although harvesting normal crops doesn't earn any XP, after a
crop has been mastered, it will grant up to 8 XP per plot harvested.
(See Chapter 11 for more on mastering crops and the benefits
associated with it.)
Harvesting fertilized crops: 1 XP
Crops can be fertilized by a neighbor or a Fertilize All item. For
more on fertilizing crops, see Chapter 4.
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