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Reaching New FarmVille Levels
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Understanding experience points
Discovering how levels work in FarmVille
Using common methods for leveling up quickly
What good is building an awesome farm if no one knows just how
awesome a farmer you are? Sure, your neighbors can look at
your accumulated virtual stuff and see that you've got mad farming skills.
Sometimes, though, you want a single number to quantify just how much
better your farm is than everyone else's.
Enter experience points and levels, FarmVille's way of measuring your
in-game progress. Pretty much every action you take in FarmVille
earns you experience points, which in turn earn you new
levels, which in turn unlock new items and gameplay
features and prove that you are better than all your
friends (at FarmVille, at least).
This chapter tells you everything you need to know
about FarmVille's experience and leveling systems
and how they work. It also shows you some ways to
exploit these systems to gain new levels as quickly
as possible, with a minimum of all that pesky farming.
Hey, no one said virtual farming was a strictly
honorable profession.
Understanding Levels
Every new farmer starts out at level 1 (a “Field Hand” in the game's
parlance), but with a little hard work (and tons of clicking) you, too, can
reach the elite FarmVille levels reserved for veteran farmers. To attain such
status, you need do only one thing: Earn experience points. Lots of them.
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