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You can purchase crafting building levels with Farm Cash at any time by
clicking the Buy Upgrade button in the upper-right corner of your Crafting
Building menu, shown in Figure 7-6. You can also earn the right to purchase
a crafting building upgrade with Farm Coins by leveling up your recipes a set
number of times.
We show you the specific costs and recipe leveling requirements for each
new level of your crafting building in Table 7-3. You can also see how many
more recipe levels you need to earn a Farm Coin crafting building upgrade by
hovering your mouse over the yellow star gauge located in the top-center of
your crafting building menu (refer to Figure 7-6).
Note that you have to purchase all previous level upgrades for a building
before purchasing the next level upgrade, so you can't save up to skip ahead.
Table 7-3
Requirements and Costs to Level Up Crafting
Buildings with Farm Coins
To Upgrade Your
Crafting Building
to Level . . .
You Can Spend . . .
Or Level Up Your
Recipes . . .
And Then Spend . . .
15 Farm Cash
6 times
50,000 Farm Coins
25 Farm Cash
18 times
100,000 Farm Coins
40 Farm Cash
27 times
400,000 Farm Coins
60 Farm Cash
36 times
1,000,000 Farm Coins
With each new level you purchase for your crafting building, you earn three
additional recipes and an extra crafting area to make crafted goods. Also, the
physical appearance of the crafting building on your farm will improve as you
purchase new levels. You can currently upgrade each crafting building only
four times — that is, after your crafting building has reached level 5, you can
no longer purchase crafting building upgrades.
You can see what recipes will be unlocked by your next crafting building
upgrade by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the recipes list in
your crafting building menu (refer to Figure 7-6). If you plan to upgrade your
crafting building soon, you may want to take a peek ahead to see what bush-
els you will need to stock up on ahead of time.
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