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You can see what crafts are currently available for sale to your neighbors by
clicking the My Sales button in the upper-right corner of your crafting build-
ing menu. Clicking this button brings up the My Sales menu, shown in Figure
7-11. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the list of goods currently
for sale. You can also see a listing of recent sales and recipe levels at the
bottom of this menu.
Figure 7-11: The My Sales menu.
Your neighbors can buy these goods using the method outlined in the
“Buying crafted goods from neighbors” section, earlier in this chapter. When
you make such a sale, a white arrow appears above your crafting building to
let you know you've made a sale. Click the building when this arrow appears
to display a sales report notification that tells you which crafted goods were
sold and how many Farm Coins you made from those sales.
When you sell a good, 90 percent of the sale price goes directly to your inven-
tory of Farm Coins. (The rest is absorbed by Zynga.) Selling goods also helps
earn experience toward leveling up that recipe, as discussed in the “Leveling
up and mastering crafted goods” section, earlier in this chapter.
Upgrading your crafting building
Each crafting building starts with three available recipes and two crafting
areas in which to make crafted goods. You can improve these numbers by
purchasing new levels for your crafting building.
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