Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
1. Click your crafting building and choose Look Inside from the drop-
down menu.
The menu screen for your crafting building appears (refer to Figure 7-6).
2. Click the Use Goods button located on the top left of the menu.
The Use Goods menu, shown in Figure 7-10, appears. You can also
access this menu by clicking the Use Goods button in the Farmers
Market menu of your market stall (refer to Figure 7-2). Use the left and
right arrows to scroll through your available goods. Hover your mouse
over a particular good to find out exactly how many plots of fuel that
good is worth.
Figure 7-10: The Use Goods menu.
3. Click the green Use button under the good you want to trade in.
Fuel is added to your account, as shown in the fuel gauge, which you can
see on the left side of the Use Goods menu.
The remaining goods on the Use Goods menu automatically shift to the left
when you click the Use button. You can therefore repeatedly click the Use
button on the good in the upper-left corner of the menu to quickly use all the
goods in your inventory with a minimum of effort.
Selling crafted goods
When you finish making a crafted good, you not only get one copy of that
good in your inventory but also automatically offer additional copies of that
good for sale to your neighbors. Crafting from higher-level recipes creates
more goods for sale.
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