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Figure 7-9: The Available Goods menu.
4. Click the green Buy button under the good you want to purchase.
The listed price in Farm Coins is deducted from your account and the
purchased good is added to your inventory. Note that you can store
a maximum of 200 goods in your inventory, as listed in the upper-left
corner of the Available Goods menu. If your inventory is full, use some
goods to clear space, as discussed in the next section.
You may purchase only one crafted good per neighbor each calendar day.
For the purposes of the Farmers Market, days start at midnight Eastern
Standard Time.
After your purchase is complete, you can click the Share a Bonus! button to
bring up the a Facebook news feed posting menu, as discussed in Chapter 4.
If you use this menu to post a message on your news feed, up to three neigh-
bors who click the link in that post can receive a free copy of the same type
of good that you just purchased.
Trading crafted goods for fuel
Although collecting all these goods in your inventory is mildly diverting, the
real reason for making and buying crafted goods is much more practical —
namely, trading the goods in for the fuel needed to power your vehicles. To
trade in the goods in your inventory, follow these steps:
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