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command a higher price — and therefore more profit — when sold to neigh-
bors. They also yield more fuel when used, as discussed later in the chapter.
The current level of each recipe, as well as the relative progress you've made
toward earning the next level, appears as a blue gauge with a star atop it
(refer to Figure 7-8). Hover your mouse over this gauge to see exactly how
many more times you need to craft a recipe to earn another level for that
The pattern for leveling up with recipes works like this: Every three levels,
you need to make the previous level, plus one additional to level up that
recipe. This pattern continues until you have 20 recipes, at which point it
caps off. There is no limit to how many times you can level up a recipe. For
example, if you had a Level 100 recipe, you'd have to make or sell 20 crafted
goods to level it up to 101.
In addition to earning levels for your crafted goods, you can also earn mas-
tery stars for crafting a good frequently. Just as you can earn mastery stars
for planting crops (as Chapter 11 explains), so can you earn Farm Coin and
XP bonuses for mastering crafted goods. Table 7-1 lists these bonuses. You
also earn a mastery sign item, which you can place on your farm, when you
earn the first mastery star for an item.
Table 7-1 Crafted Goods Mastery Level Bonuses
Crafted Good Mastery Level
Farm Coin Bonus
XP Bonus
You can earn up to five mastery stars for each recipe in your crafting build-
ing. The specific level you need to reach to earn a mastery star for that recipe
depends on what level your crafting building was at when that recipe was
unlocked, as shown in Table 7-2. For example, a recipe such as the Patty Pan
Tart, which is unlocked when you upgrade the Bakery to level 2, would need
to be increased to level 26 before you could earn its first mastery star. See
the “Upgrading your crafting building” section, later in the chapter, for more
on leveling up your crafting building.
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