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Figure 7-8: Goods sitting in barrels. In six hours, they will be ready
to be completed.
5. Wait for the good to be ready to be finished.
After you've put a recipe in a crafting area, you have to wait six hours
before you can finish it (except for the first few goods you make, which
are ready in a few minutes to give you an idea of how the process
works). A message and yellow gauge above the picture of that recipe
crafting area shows approximately how much time is left before the
good is ready to be finished (refer to Figure 7-8).
6. After the timer indicates that the good is complete, click the Finish It
button above the appropriate crafting area.
Congratulations, you've crafted a good. One copy of the good goes in
your inventory for personal use, and further copies are placed for sale
to your neighbors, as discussed in the “Selling crafted goods” section,
later in the chapter.
Leveling up and mastering crafted goods
Each time you make or sell a crafted good, you earn experience toward
increasing the level of that recipe. The level of a crafting recipe corresponds
directly to the level of the goods that recipe creates, and higher-level goods
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