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If a neighbor is offering the bushels you need for a recipe from his or her
market stall, a small number in a circle appears above that bushel's pic-
ture on the crafting building menu. This indicator provides a great short-
cut to quickly see which needed bushels are available from neighbors
and which you might have to plant and find for yourself.
You can collect only three bushels from each neighbor each calendar
day. If you've recently collected bushels from a neighbor, you may have
to wait until tomorrow before you can collect more.
3c. Post a request for bushels to your Facebook news feed.
Even if none of your neighbors is offering the necessary bushels, you
can post a request for bushels to your Facebook news feed, as discussed
in Chapter 4. From the Farmers Market Sharing menu (discussed in Step
3b) click the Ask button and then the Share button and then the Publish
button to post a link that your neighbors can click to send you extra
3d. Buy the bushels necessary for a recipe.
You can also buy bushels needed for a recipe by clicking the Buy All
Ingredients link at the bottom of the shopping list menu. Use the arrows
on the menu that pops up to choose how many sets of bushels you want
to purchase. Then click the Buy button to complete your purchase. Each
set of bushels costs three Farm Cash.
4. Click the Make It button for the recipe you want to start crafting.
FarmVille moves the recipe over to an open crafting area on the left side
of the crafting building menu, as shown in Figure 7-8, and you earn 50
XP. (The specific crafting area used varies by the type of crafting build-
ing.) Note that if all the crafting areas in your crafting building are full,
you have to wait or finish some recipes before you can make more. You
can earn more crafting areas by upgrading your crafting building, as
discussed in the “Upgrading your crafting building” section, later in this
A pop-up notification asks whether you want to share another copy of
the good you're making on your Facebook news feed. Click the Share
button to post, as discussed in Chapter 4.
Another pop-up notification asks whether you want to start a co-op job
for the current good to get more bushels. Clicking the Okay button takes
you to the Co-op Jobs menu. If you prefer to stay on your crafting build-
ing menu, click the red X in the corner of the notification instead.
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