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2. Determine whether you have the required number of bushels for
a given crafting recipe, and go on to Step 4 if you do. If you don't,
follow any of the methods described in Steps 3a through 3d.
Each recipe requires a set number of up to four different bushels, as
indicated by the number after the slash under the bushel's picture. The
number before the slash under each bushel indicates how many of that
bushel you actually have.
3a. Collect more bushels, if necessary, by using any of the methods for
collecting bushels discussed in “Collecting bushels,” earlier in this
3b. Click the Get Bushels button to display the Shopping List menu,
shown in Figure 7-7.
This handy menu shows which ingredients for a specific recipe are
currently being offered in your neighbors' market stalls, as indicated
by that neighbor's picture in the appropriate row. Click the Get button
under any neighbor to bring up your neighbor's Farmers Market Sharing
menu; then collect up to three bushels.
Figure 7-7: The Shopping List menu for a crafting building recipe.
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