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Figure 7-6: The Crafting Building menu for a Winery.
To gain the ability to craft more kinds of goods, you can purchase and place
further crafting buildings from the Buildings section of the FarmVille Market
menu for 80 Farm Cash each. Note that you can have a maximum of only one
of each type of crafting building.
You need at least one market stall before you can start making crafted goods.
If you haven't yet earned a free market stall by finding a bushel, you have to
purchase one from the Market, as discussed in “Setting up market stalls,” ear-
lier in this chapter.
Making a crafted good
The main purpose of a crafting building is to convert bushels into goods,
which you can then sell for coins and use for fuel.
Follow these steps to make a crafted good:
1. Click your crafting building and choose Look Inside from the drop-
down menu.
The menu for your crafting building appears (refer to Figure 7-6 for an
example). Each row in this menu represents a recipe for a different craft-
able good. (You can click the up and down arrows above and below the
visible rows to see more recipes.)
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