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Using bushels to make pig slop
If you have a Pigpen on your farm, you can turn your excess bushels into
slop that will allow your pigs to hunts for truffles. This is a great way to clear
out some space in your bushel inventory and get use out of bushels that you
have no other immediate use for. For more on using Pigpens and creating
slop from bushels, see Chapter 9.
Using bushels to craft goods
If you've set up a crafting building, you can use your accumulated bushels to
create crafted goods, which can be exchanged for fuel and sold for a profit to
neighbors. See the remainder of the chapter for a detailed description of how
this process works.
Crafting Goods to Increase Profits
Using bushels to improve your harvest is effective, but converting those
bushels into crafted goods can be much more lucrative in the long term. You
can not only trade the goods crafted from bushels in for an easy source of
fuel for vehicles but also sell those goods to other farmers and make a tidy
profit in the process.
Converting bushels into goods and then converting goods into fuel and
money is a bit of a complicated process, but we lay it all out for you in
upcoming pages.
Setting up a crafting building 
When you reach level 25, a pop-up notification box says that you now have
the ability to set up your first crafting building. This notification gives you a
choice to place one of three different types of buildings for different types of
goods on your farm, as follows:
Bakery: For pastries and other sweets
Spa: For perfumes and candles
Winery: For mixed drinks and wines
All three are largely similar from a gameplay perspective, so feel free to pick
the one that suits your tastes best. Click the Yes, Place button under the build-
ing you want; then click any open space on your farm to place the building.
After you place your crafting building, the Crafting Building menu appears
(Figure 7-6 shows this menu for a Winery). You can use this menu to make
and buy goods, convert goods into fuel, collect bushels from neighbors, and
more, as discussed in the following sections.
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