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For crops you've already mastered: If you've already achieved all three
mastery stars for a crop, using a bushel of that crop activates a bonus
of XP for each plot of that crop you harvest in the next two hours. Note
that this bonus comes in addition to any experience point bonuses for
fertilized crops.
For all other crops: For crops that are unlocked in the FarmVille Market
menu but not yet fully mastered, using a bushel activates a bonus that
gives you an additional mastery point for each plot of that crop you har-
vest for the next two hours. This bonus is a great way to earn mastery
stars much more quickly.
For crops that are already unlocked in the market, you should use your bush-
els after the seeds of that crop have ripened but before you start harvesting.
For maximum efficiency, use a bushel before harvesting an entire field of a
single ripe crop.
You can get the bonuses described in the preceding list by following these
1. Click any of your market stalls and choose Look Inside from the drop-
down menu.
The Farmers Market menu (refer to Figure 7-2) appears.
2. Click the Use Bushels tab at the top of the menu.
A display of all the bushels currently in your inventory appears (refer
to Figure 7-5 to see what an inventory looks like). Click the tabs above
the bushels to filter the list by types of crops, or use the left and right
arrows on the side of the menu to navigate multiple pages of bushels.
3. Click the green Use button underneath the bushel you want to use.
A pop-up notification appears.
4. Click the green Accept button.
The bushel is removed from your inventory. Click the red X button in
the upper-right corner of the Farmers Market menu to return to your
farm. A small icon of the bushel appears in the bottom-right corner of
the play area, indicating that the bushel's bonus is in effect. This effect
lasts for two hours.
You can have only one bushel bonus in effect at any time. If you try to
activate a new bushel bonus when another bushel bonus is already in
effect, the new bushel bonus cancels out the old one.
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