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Figure 7-5: The Use Bushels section of the Farmers Market menu.
5. Click the Publish button.
A post is published to your Facebook wall with a link allowing your
neighbors to collect those bushels. Note that the shared bushels are
removed from your inventory immediately, even if no neighbors have
yet used this link.
Using bushels
So what's the point of collecting all these bushels — besides sharing them
with hungry neighbors, that is? Well, bushels have a variety of uses on your
farm, as we describe in the following sections.
Using bushels for planting and harvest bonuses
You can use bushels to access temporary bonus effects for your usual plant-
ing and harvest cycle. The specific bushel harvest bonus depends on the
status of that crop, as follows:
For crops locked in the FarmVille Market menu: Using a bushel for a
crop that is currently locked in the FarmVille Market because of level
restrictions gives you a temporary license to plant that crop. For the
next two hours, you can purchase and plant that crop as normal. Note
that you can still harvest these crops even after the two-hour bonus has
worn off.
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