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Figure 7-4: A market stall crop-sharing reward notification.
Sharing bushels through the Facebook news feed
You can also share bushels directly from your inventory by posting them to
your Facebook news feed. This method of bushel sharing doesn't offer any
direct rewards, though it can be handy for clearing out your bushel inventory
when it gets full. And, hey, generosity is its own reward, isn't it?
To share bushels from your inventory, follow these steps:
1. Click any of your market stalls and choose Look Inside from the drop-
down menu.
The Farmers Market menu (refer to Figure 7-2) appears.
2. Click the Use Bushels tab at the top of the menu.
A listing of all the bushels currently in your inventory appears, as shown
in Figure 7-5. Click the tabs above the bushels to filter the list by type, or
use the left and right arrows on the side of the menu to navigate multiple
pages of bushels.
3. Click the blue Share button under the bushel you want to share with
your friends
A menu appears, asking how many of the applicable bushels you want to
4. Set the quantity of bushels you want to share using the up and down
arrows; then click the green Share button.
A notification window appears, asking you to post a notice to your
Facebook wall (see Chapter 4 to find out how to post such a notice).
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