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Sharing bushels
Hoarding bushels of crops to yourself would be a good idea if you expected
a drought or a long winter, but because neither of those conditions occurs
in FarmVille, you should feel free to share bushels with your neighbors using
these methods:
Through market stalls
Through the Facebook news feed
Keep reading for more on these sharing methods.
Sharing bushels through market stalls
When you find a bushel through a crop harvest, additional copies of that
bushel are also automatically placed for sharing in an open market stall. Your
neighbors can collect these bushels through the Farmers Market menu, as
discussed in the previous section.
As Figure 7-1 indicates, these bushels are available to your neighbors only
for a limited time before disappearing from your stall. Market stall bushels
are typically available for 24 hours after the initial harvest, but this number
increases by eight hours for each mastery star you've earned in the appli-
cable crop. (Chapter 11 tells you all about mastering crops.) If you find more
bushels of the same crop later, the availability timer resets.
We want to emphasize here that the bushels shared automatically through
your market stall are not the same bushels that are stored in your bushel
inventory. So, when a neighbor collects a bushel from your market stall,
doing so does not reduce the number of that type of bushel in your inventory
(or the number of bushels available to be shared with other neighbors before
the time limit runs out, for that matter).
Even though you risk nothing from sharing bushels through market stalls,
you do gain some reward from sharing. For every neighbor who collects a
bushel from your market stall, you can collect a bonus of either 400 Farm
Coins, 15 units of fuel, or 10 experience points. When such a bonus is avail-
able, a bouncing arrow appears above your market stalls. Click any market
stall with such an arrow to display the market stall reward menu, shown in
Figure 7-4, and then click the appropriate Select button to claim your reward.
One final note on sharing bushels through market stalls: Each stall can share
only one type of bushel. If you find a crop bushel while different types of
bushels are currently being offered in all your market stalls, you won't be
able to share the newly harvested bushels with your neighbors. Purchasing
more market stalls from the Farmer's Market, as discussed in the “Setting
up market stalls” section, earlier in this chapter, allows you to share a wider
variety of bushels with your neighbors and gives you a better chance of col-
lecting those bushel-sharing bonuses.
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