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Although the game calls collecting bushels from friends in this way “pur-
chasing,” this process doesn't cost you any Farm Coins or Farm Cash.
Also note that the bushels you “purchase” from your neighbors do not
reduce the inventory of bushels that those neighbors can use for other
4. (Optional) Click the Share button to post a free bushel to your
Facebook news feed.
We discuss this process in more detail in Chapter 4.
5. Click the Leave button.
Clicking this button returns you to the Farmer's Market menu, where
you began in Step 1. You can keep collecting bushels, or click the red X
button in the upper right-hand corner of the menu to return to farming.
You can also collect shared bushels from your neighbors market stalls via
the crafting building menu, as discussed in the “Making a crafted good” sec-
tion, later in this chapter.
Collecting bushels from your Facebook news feed
You can collect bushels by clicking bushel-sharing links in Facebook news
feed posts placed by your neighbors. We discuss this process in Chapter 4.
Collecting bushels from co-op jobs
When you complete certain Farmers Market co-op jobs, you can earn sets of
bushels required to craft specific goods. See Chapter 12 for the details about
co-op jobs.
Collecting bushels from a Farm Cash purchase
You can use Farm Cash to buy the bushels you needs for crafted goods
directly, as discussed in the “Making a crafted good” section, later in this
You can store only 100 bushels in your inventory at a time, regardless of how
many market stalls you have. You can see how much of this capacity you're
currently using by looking in the upper-left corner of the Get Bushels sections
of the Farmers Market menu (refer to Figure 7-2).
If you already have 100 bushels in your inventory, you can't collect further
bushels using any of the aforementioned methods. To clear out your inven-
tory, try sharing bushels, as discussed in the next section, or use some
bushels to improve your harvest, make pig slop, or create crafted goods, as
discussed later in the chapter.
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