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Figure 7-1: A summary of bushels found during a harvest.
Whenever you find a bushel while harvesting crops, you receive an extra
bushel for every mastery star you've earned for that crop. (We tell you all
about crop mastery in Chapter 11.)
When you find bushels through a harvest, you can also share copies of those
bushel in your market stall, as discussed in the next section.
Collecting bushels from your neighbors' market stalls
You can also collect bushels that your neighbors are sharing in their market
stalls. To collect bushels in this way, follow these steps:
1. Click any of your market stalls and choose Look Inside from the drop-
down menu.
The Get Bushels section of the Farmers Market menu appears, as shown
in Figure 7-2. (If you leave this section, you can click the Get Bushels tab
at the top of the menu to return.)
Click the up and down arrows on the right side of the menu to see what
kinds of bushels are currently being offered in your neighbors' market
stalls, as indicated by that neighbor's picture next to the bushel.
2. Click the green Get button under a neighbor's picture next to the
bushel you want.
The Shop for Bushels section of the Friend's Market menu appears, as
shown in Figure 7-3. Note that this menu may actually show multiple
crops on offer from the applicable neighbor, not just the one you're
looking for.
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