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Setting up market stalls
Before you can start collecting bushels, you first need to set up at least one
market stall. These special buildings allow you to store and share bushels
you find while harvesting crops.
The first time you find a bushel of crops while harvesting your land, a pop-up
notification tells you that you've earned a free market stall. Click the Okay
button and then place the market stall anywhere on your farm as you nor-
mally do (see Chapter 3 for the details on placing items on your farm). An
instructional pop-up screen appears after you place the stall, but this topic
provides a far more in-depth reference, so just click Okay.
You can purchase up to four additional market stalls — for a total of five —
from the buildings section of the Market menu. The additional stalls cost 20
Farm Cash or, if you have reached level 15, you can purchase additional stalls
for 50,000 Farm Coins each. Note that for every market stall you purchase
with Farm Coins, you need a minimum of two additional neighbors before
you can purchase the next market stall.
Why would you want more than one market stall? To answer that question,
we need to explain a bit more about bushels and how they're collected,
shared, and used. The next sections do just that.
Collecting bushels
FarmVille gives you a number of different ways to collect bushels, as follows:
From harvesting crops
From your neighbors' market stalls
From your Facebook news feed
From co-op jobs
From making a Farm Cash purchase
We describe these one at a time in the following sections.
Collecting bushels from harvesting crops
Whenever you harvest any nonlimited-edition crop, you have a chance of
finding a bushel of that crop. The game lets you know about these found
bushels with small pop-up notifications at the bottom of the screen as you
harvest. You also receive a summary notification about all the bushels you've
found when you finish harvesting your entire field, as shown in Figure 7-1.
Click the Share button on this notification to share a free bushel with your
neighbors via a news feed post, as discussed in Chapter 4.
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