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The Farmers Market
In This Chapter
Setting up a market stall
Finding, sharing, and using bushels
Crafting goods
Buying and selling crafted goods
Mastering crafts
Receiving money directly for harvesting ripe crops is all well and good,
but it's only a part of the benefit you can derive from those crops. By
finding and sharing bushels during your harvest, and assembling those bush-
els into sellable crafted goods, you can get rewards including experience
points (XP), Farm Coins, and, most usefully, fuel for farming vehicles.
To be clear, the Farmers Market is totally separate from the
FarmVille Market, the latter being where you purchase
seeds, trees, animals, and various other items for your
farm. (We tell you all about how to use the FarmVille
Market in Chapter 6.)
The trip from bushel to fuel is a bit involved, but
this chapter takes you through the entire process,
from sharing bushels in your market stall and col-
lecting more bushels from friends to building a
crafting building and completing recipes for crafted
goods. Pretty soon, the whole process will be a natu-
ral part of your everyday farming routine.
Collecting, Sharing, and Using Bushels
Bushels are the core of the Farmers Market. Bushels are simply a special type
of item that you can use to improve your harvests, share with friends to col-
lect bonuses, or collect to help craft goods.
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