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Hover your mouse over any planted crop to see what percentage of that plot
has ripened.
Expand on demand
Expanding your farm, as discussed in the “Farm Aides” section, earlier in
the chapter, is one of the best ways to supercharge your FarmVille profits.
More land means more precious space to grow crops, which means that each
growing cycle can bring in more Farm Coins.
Impatient farmers can use their precious Farm Cash on these expansions,
whereas cheapskates should make saving up enough Farm Coins for an
expansion one of their first goals. Remember to keep a stockpile of coins
free after your expansion, though, so that you can plant some crops on your
newly expanded land.
Frugal farming
In FarmVille as in life, a penny saved is a penny earned. Although buying lots
of fancy decorations early on may seem enticing, you should initially focus on
seeds, animals, and trees that will generate steady income and XP long into
the future. These items quickly pay for themselves and, with a little patience
on your part, leave you with extra money in the long run to buy those decora-
tions you want.
Don't forget that unwanted gifts and items can be sold for extra coins as well.
Selling these items both cleans up your inventory and lets you plow the coins
you gain into more profitable avenues (pun intended).
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