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Maximizing Your Profit
Although not making money in FarmVille is almost impossible, you can learn
some tricks to maximizing your profit while minimizing the time spent with
tedious busy work. Read on for the details.
Farming on your schedule: Time is virtual money
Keeping your growing and harvesting cycle going continuously is key to gain-
ing lots of experience points and Farm Coins. Because the FarmVille growing
cycle operates in real time — even when you're not playing the game — you
need to plan your planting so that you'll be available to harvest crops after
they've ripened but before they've withered.
Early in your farming career, you have access to only a few types of crops (as
explained in Chapter 3), but even these crops grow over varying time ranges,
from four hours to four days. When choosing what type of seed to plant, take
a look at the clock and try to predict whether you'll be busy, asleep, or oth-
erwise occupied when that crop will be ready to harvest. If so, pick another
crop that will be ready at a more convenient time.
Of course, you don't have to be waiting by the computer for the very moment
your crops are ready to harvest. The amount of time a ripened crop takes
to wither is equal to the amount of time it takes to ripen after planting. So
if you plant a strawberry seed at noon, it will be ready for harvest at 4 p.m.
and dead and withered by 8 p.m. Withered crops aren't worth any money, so
make sure you make plans to check in on your crops during this time range.
When planting your crops, you should also consider how often you'd like to
play FarmVille. Although quick-ripening crops such as raspberries are good
at generating lots of coins in a short amount of time, they require checking in
every two hours for a harvest, which can quickly get tiresome. Longer-lead
crops may be slightly less profitable in the long run, but require less direct
For a quick reference to some of the best crops for each planting situation
and level, see Chapter 17.
Another important note: A full harvest “day” in FarmVille actually spans only
23 hours, so crops listed in the Market with harvest times in multiples of
“days” may actually be ready quicker than expected. If you plant soybeans at
noon on Sunday, for instance, they'll actually be ready for harvest at 11 a.m.
on Monday. This also means that a 2-day crop such as eggplant will be ready
46 hours after planting, and so on.
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