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Find fuel randomly in Mystery Gifts, Mystery Eggs, and Gift Boxes; or
obtain fuel directly as a gift from a neighbor.
Click a link offering free fuel in a neighbor's Facebook news feed.
Trade crafted goods for fuel.
Complete a collection to receive a fuel bonus.
Click the Bonus button on the FarmVille Game Bar once a day for that
day's free fuel reward. (If you need to install the Game Bar, see Chapter
5 to find out how.)
Click the link in the Daily Fuel Boost e-mail sent by Zynga, if you've
elected to receive such e-mails.
Allow your fuel to regenerate slowly over time. The precise rate at which
your fuel tanks refill depends on the size of your farm. At most, this
natural regeneration fills one tank of fuel over a 24-hour period.
During occasional Free Fuel Week promotions, you can gain fuel bonuses
simply for visiting your farm daily. If you visit your farm every day
during these promotions, your fuel rewards will increase each day.
Arborists and Farmhands
Using Arborists and Farmhands is a wonderful way to improve the efficiency
of your farming. With a single click, Arborists can harvest fruit or nuts from
every ripened tree on your farm, and Farmhands can harvest every animal
that's ready for harvesting. On a farm with dozens of trees or animals, the
time savings from using these helpers can be substantial.
Unfortunately, in contrast to vehicles, these helpers are not permanent fix-
tures on your farm. Instead, they exist as one-use items that reside in your
gift box. You can purchase both Arborists and Farmhands for five Farm Cash
per use from the trees and animals sections of the Market menu, respec-
tively. You also have a chance of finding these helpers when harvesting your
Horse Stable (see Chapter 9) or opening Mystery Gifts and Mystery Eggs (see
Chapter 4).
You can also occasionally send and receive these helpers as free gifts from
the Gifting page. Be sure to take advantage of these gift periods by sending
Arborists and Farmhands to all your neighbors and requesting that they send
ones back in return. Your clicking finger will thank you later.
To get the most economical use out of your Arborists and Farmhands, wait
until all your trees or animals are ready for harvest.
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