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After that first use, however, the biplane's powerful ability doesn't come so
cheaply. Whenever you click the biplane, a pop-up notification asks whether
you want to spend a certain amount of Farm Cash to grow all your crops
instantly. Although the precise cost for each use depends on the number
and current growth status of your crops, growing a full field of long-gestation
crops can easily run you more than 100 in Farm Cash. Think carefully about
whether you really can't afford to wait out the current growing cycle before
spending all that in-game dough.
If you seed an entire field of high-profit, long-gestation crops such as arti-
chokes, potatoes, or yellow melon before using your biplane for the first
time, the instant profit from those crops can effectively pay for the purchase
Getting fuel to run your vehicles
Except for the biplane, all vehicles need fuel to operate. Your current fuel
reserves are shown as a gauge in the bottom-left corner of your farm, as
shown in Figure 6-12. This fuel is shared among all your FarmVille vehi-
cles and automatically deducted as you use those vehicles. The number
under the word Fuel indicates how many full tanks you currently have in
reserve, whereas the yellow gauge shows the portion of the current tank
that remains. Each full fuel tank holds enough fuel to use one basic vehicle
on 150 plots of land or a Combine on 50 plots of land. You can hover your
mouse over the fuel gauge to see how many plots your current fuel reserves
can accommodate.
Figure 6-12: The fuel gauge.
After you've purchased your first vehicle, you can use Farm Cash to purchase
fuel directly from the Vehicles section of the Market menu or obtain it any of
the following ways:
Find fuel randomly when plowing land on your own farm.
Find fuel randomly when fertilizing plots on neighbors' farms.
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