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Basic vehicles
The Tractors, Seeder, and Harvester are the most basic vehicles in the game.
Each one helps speed up a distinct portion of the planting cycle — plowing,
seeding and harvesting, respectively. You can purchase all three using Farm
Coins, and with one click, each basic vehicle performs its function over a 2
plot x 2 plot area of 4 plots.
You can use a garage to upgrade your basic vehicles to cover more land
with each click. After obtaining a garage, you need to obtain vehicle parts
as gifts or as a purchase from the FarmVille market to upgrade each vehicle.
Upgrading your vehicle is optional, but many farmers find it useful and
time saving because more area of land can be covered per click. The entire
upgrade process is discussed in more detail in Chapter 9.
Hot Rod vehicles
All three basic vehicles are also available in hot rod varieties that you can
purchase from the Market with Farm Cash. Besides sporting a spiffy paint job
over their normal counterparts, Hot Rod vehicles let you plow a 3 plot x 3
plot area of 9 plots with a single click. Hot Rod vehicles still require fuel and
properly aligned plots to use correctly, as discussed in the beginning of this
section, but can reduce your farming time even further.
The Combine is the ultimate FarmVille vehicle. With a single click of the
Combine, you can quickly harvest, plow, and reseed a 2x2 area of 4 plots
your farm. After you've tried it, you'll wonder how you ever farmed any
other way.
You can get a Combine in two ways. The first is to purchase a Hot Rod
Combine wholesale from the Market menu for a whopping 110 Farm Cash.
The other is to purchase a Combine chassis for 500,000 Farm Coins and then
use 40 Vehicle Part items to turn that chassis into a full-fledged Combine.
Vehicle parts can be purchased from the Market for one Farm Cash each or
received as gifts from friends.
Note that a Combine consumes three times as much fuel as a single vehicle
would use for that land, but because it's doing three times as much work, it's
no less fuel-efficient than a normal vehicle.
The biplane is a unique vehicle that lets you skip the wait for your crops to
grow to maturity, ripening your entire field with a single click. You can pur-
chase a biplane from the Market for 30,000 Farm Coins, and that purchase
includes one free use of the plane's field-growing power.
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