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Besides the spent fuel, the costs and benefits of farming with vehicles —
including Farm Coin costs, accumulated XP, crop mastery, and the like —
are the same as farming those same plots without vehicles.
Note that your plots have to be arranged in a precise grid for your vehi-
cle to cover the area efficiently. As shown in Figure 6-11, plots arranged
haphazardly might require more clicks than normal to cover with a
vehicle. If your plots are currently misaligned, use the Move tool to rear-
range them. (See Chapter 3 for more about the tools available in the
Tools menu.)
Also note that you can still use vehicles even if part of the area you're
clicking doesn't currently need that vehicle. For instance, you can use
the Seeder even if some of the plots under your mouse pointer's effect
area are already seeded. The vehicle will just ignore those plots without
spending fuel or Farm Coins on them.
Figure 6-10: Preparing to seed four strawberry plots with the Seeder.
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