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Obtaining and Using Vehicles and
Tools to Speed Up Your Harvest
Although a single click with the Multi tool can do everything from planting
seeds to harvesting crops, trees, and animals, all that constant clicking can
get pretty tiresome when your farm starts to get big and crowded. Luckily,
FarmVille provides a variety of tools and vehicles to reduce the number of
clicks required for a variety of common farming tasks.
Animal shelters also speed up your farming by letting you harvest a number
of animals with a single click. See Chapter 9 for more on purchasing and
using animal shelters.
Much as real-world farming vehicles do, vehicles in FarmVille help speed
up farming by decreasing the amount of manual labor you have to invest in
common tasks.
Vehicles can be purchased with either Farm Cash or Farm Coins. After you've
purchased a vehicle, you can use it by following these steps:
1. Hover your mouse over the Plow tool in the Tools menu and, from the
menu that appears, click the vehicle you want to use.
You can also click the vehicle itself and click the appropriate action
(plow, seed, or harvest) from the drop-down menu that appears.
If you've chosen the Seeder or Combine, the Market menu appears.
Choose the seed you want to plant and click the Buy button underneath it.
2. Move your mouse pointer to the area you want to affect with the
A larger-than-normal effect area appears underneath your mouse
pointer, as shown in Figure 6-10. Just how large this area is depends on
the type of vehicle, as shown in Table 6-2.
3. Click the mouse to use the vehicle on the selected area.
Clicking an open area with a basic tractor, for instance, plows four plots
of land instead of the usual one. Note that each click uses some fuel
from your inventory — and if you're out of fuel, this process won't work.
(See the “Getting fuel to run your vehicles” section, later in this chapter,
for more on obtaining fuel.)
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