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the Buy button, and your farm will be instantly transformed: blanketed by
snow, covered with desert sand, or something else of your choosing. Don't
worry — these landscapes are purely decorative and don't affect your farm's
Changing your farm landscape costs 1,000 coins every time, even if you're
changing back to the default Green Pastures landscape or to a landscape
you've previously purchased. Although it's not a crippling expense, you
should plan to stick with a landscape for a while before making the switch.
You can also find Unwithers and Fertilize All items under this tab of the
Market. We discuss these items further in the “Obtaining and Using Vehicles
and Tools to Speed Up Your Harvest” section, later in this chapter.
Click the Vehicles tab in the Market menu to purchase vehicles and vehicle-
related items, such as chassis, fuel, and vehicle parts. These items can help
speed up your planting and harvesting, as discussed in much more detail in
the “Obtaining and Using Vehicles and Tools to Speed Up Your Harvest” sec-
tion, later in this chapter.
Click the Clothing tab to bring up a listing of all the avatar clothing available
for purchase, as shown in Figure 6-8. Click the Buy button to immediately
purchase and dress your avatar in any of the clothing shown in this section.
Note that you don't receive a confirmation for clothing purchases, so be care-
ful what you click in this section. If you'd rather try before you buy, you can
click the Try It On? button under any clothing picture to bring up the
Customize My Farmer menu, as discussed in Chapter 3.
Limited-edition items
Click the Click for Specials button on the left side of the Market menu to view
all the limited-edition items currently available for purchase, as shown in
Figure 6-9. These items also appear in the applicable sections of the FarmVille
Market discussed earlier in this chapter, with the word Limited under the
item's picture and an icon indicating the current limited-edition item theme
(for example, a pumpkin to represent Halloween items).
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