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such as those listed as a result of clicking the Storage, For Animals, and
Crafting tabs, can be used to store items and animals or to craft and sell
various goods.
Figure 6-5: The Buildings section of the Market menu.
Some storage buildings and animal shelters can be purchased as frames,
which require building materials to be completed into functional buildings,
as discussed in Chapter 7. Also note that you can purchase only a limited
number of certain functional buildings. After you reach this limit, the Buy
button under that building is grayed out, and red “Locked” and “Limit” mes-
sages appear under the building's picture in the Market menu.
Click the Decorations tab in the Market menu to see a list of purely decora-
tive items that you can purchase to spruce up your farm, as shown in Figure
6-6. As with the other lists of product types on the Market menu, each deco-
ration list shows the decoration's purchase price, its sale price if you decide
to sell it later, and the XP gained for placing that decoration on your farm.
You can click the various tabs underneath the Decorations tab to show only
decorations of certain types, or you can click the All tab to show all available
Farm Aides
Click the Farm Aides tab in the Market menu to display a list of general
improvements that you can purchase for your farm, as shown in Figure 6-7.
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