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Most animals require a good deal of hard-to-acquire Farm Cash to purchase
from the Market. Money-conscious farmers should encourage their friends to
send animals as free gifts. They should also watch for opportunities to adopt
animals from news feeds. Yet another strategy is to use buildings such as
Horse Stables, Dairy Farms, and Nursery Barns, which all have the potential
to produce new animals.
Figure 6-4: The Animals sections of the Market menu.
Click the Buildings tab in the Market menu to display a list of decorative and
functional buildings that you can place on your farm, as shown in Figure 6-5.
Each listed building shows the following:
The purchase price for that building
The sale price if you decide to sell the building later
The XP gained for placing that building on your farm
For buildings purchased with Farm Coins, the number of XP you earn for the
purchase is equal to one percent of the purchase price.
You can click the various tabs that appear under the Buildings tab to show
only buildings of certain types, or you can click the All tab to show all avail-
able buildings. Most of the buildings listed in the Buildings section —
including all those listed by clicking the Homes and Other tabs — are
purely decorative and provide no functional purpose on your farm. Others,
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