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Figure 6-3: The Trees section of the Market menu.
The Trees section of the Market is also where you can purchase Arborists
to help harvest trees quickly, as discussed later in the “Arborists and
Farmhands” section, later in this chapter, and watering cans for mystery
seedlings from your orchard.
Click the Animals tab in the Market menu to see a list of all the animals you
can purchase for your farm, as shown in Figure 6-4. Each animal listing shows
the following:
The purchase price for that animal.
The sale price if you decide to sell the animal later.
The time required between harvests. If an animal does not have a har-
vest time listed, it is either a pet or a decorative animal that can't be
regularly harvested for coins. (See Chapter 3 for more on the differences
between pets and other animals.)
The Animals section of the Market is also the place to buy items for your
pets, including kibble, treats, and pet-related decorative items. This section
of the Market also includes animal feed for your animal trough and bees for
your beehive (see Chapter 9 for more information on how these animal hous-
ing buildings work).
Click the Pets tab to show only pets and pet-related items, or the All tab to
show all the items in the animals section.
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