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Although you can purchase most decorations, animals and vehicles from the
Market, FarmVille has some items that you can earn only as free gifts.
Click the seeds tab in the Market menu to display a listing of all the available
seeds you can plant on your farm, as shown in Figure 6-1. Each seed listing
shows the following:
The per-plot cost of planting the seed
The selling price for the harvested crop
The amount of time the plant needs to ripen
The number of XP you gain for planting each seed
You can click the various tabs underneath the Seeds tab to show only crops
of certain types, or click the All tab to show all available seeds.
You need to plow your plots of land before buying the seed — you can't plant
on light-brown, unplowed plots. After you click the Buy button, though, you
can plant as many plots of that seed as you want without going back to the
Market menu in between each seeding.
After you reach level 10, the Market menu also shows the current mastery
status of each available crop, displayed as a set of three stars and a green
progress bar below the seed's picture. See Chapter 11 for more on mastering
Click the Trees tab in the Market menu to see a list of all the trees you can
purchase for your farm, as shown in Figure 6-3. Each tree listing shows the
following information:
The purchase price
The sale price if you decide to sell the tree later
The time required between tree harvests.
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