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Figure 6-2: Examples of locked items in the Market menu.
Items in the FarmVille Market fall into two general categories:
Tangible: Items that can be physically placed on your farm
Consumable: Items that are used immediately after purchase and don't
take up room on your farm
When you click the Buy button under the picture of a tangible Market item,
the Market menu disappears and you return to your farm, where you can
place that item (or plant that seed) with a click of the mouse. Note that the
purchase price for these tangible items isn't deducted from your account
until you actively place that item on your farm. Don't worry too much about
placement — you can always move these items later using the Move tool.
If you change your mind about a tangible purchase after clicking the Buy
button, or simply can't find an open place to put your item, don't panic —
just click any button in the Tools menu (such as the Multi tool button) to
cancel your pending purchase without spending any in-game currency.
Consumable items that you don't have to actively place on your farm — such
as clothing, animal feed, and shovels — are automatically added to your
account as soon as you click the Buy button, so be careful where you click
the Market menu.
In addition to the Buy button, some Market items also feature a Send button
that you click to purchase that item for one of your neighbors. It's important
to realize that, in contrast to the free gifts discussed in Chapter 4, sending
items this way actually deducts Farm Cash from your account.
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