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You can also bring up the Market menu by clicking a plowed plot of land with
the Multi tool (Chapter 3 covers the Tools menu) or selecting the Seeder or
Combine vehicles from the Tools menu (see the “Vehicles” section, later in
this chapter).
To view the various product sections of the FarmVille Market, click the tabs
at the top of the Market menu or click the right and left arrows on either side
of the menu to scroll through the pages of the current product section.
Figure 6-1: The Seeds section of the Market menu.
Each item listing on the Market menu contains the item's name, a small
picture of the item, the time until harvest, and the item's cost, which is dis-
played in either Farm Coins or Farm Cash, depending on the item. Many item
listings also contain additional information about that purchase, such as the
item's selling price and the number of experience points (XP) you earn with
your purchase. There is also a nifty Preview button for decorations and build-
ings that you can click to see how the item looks on a farm. To get a sense of
the item's size, you can compare it to a farmer avatar and hay bale.
Not all items in the Market are available at all times; many are locked until
you achieve a certain level, attract a certain number of neighbors, or master
a certain crop. Other items are available only when playing the iOS (mobile
device) version of the game, as discussed in Chapter 2. These requirements
are clearly marked on the item information box, as shown in Figure 6-2. Click
the More Info button, where applicable, to get more details about the require-
ments for that item's purchase. (See Chapter 8 for more on how to unlock
specific items.)
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