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Agricultural Economics 101:
Mastering the FarmVille Market
In This Chapter
Navigating the FarmVille Market
Farming more efficiently
Maximizing your farming profit
At its core, FarmVille is primarily a game about making and spending
money to continually expand the size of your farm and increase its
assets. The previous chapter explains the types of currency used in FarmVille
and how to gain more by purchasing it with real money or by other means,
such as receiving gifts. In this chapter, you find out to how to go
about spending your FarmVille currency on necessary pur-
chases: the seeds, vehicles, fuel, and other essential items
for running and expanding your farm. You buy all these
essentials through the Market menu, which is thor-
oughly described in this chapter.
Also in this chapter are tips for making the best
economical use of your most precious nonrenew-
able resource — time — by using vehicles and
other items to speed up your farming. Finally, we
lay out a few basic tips for keeping to a set farming
schedule and managing your money wisely.
Browsing the FarmVille Market
The Market menu, as seen in Figure 6-1, is the hub for all your pur-
chases in FarmVille. You can access this menu by clicking the Market icon
in the Tools menu, which you find in the lower-right corner of the play area.
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