Game Development Reference
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1. Enter into your Web browser's address
bar and press the Enter key.
The page appears in your browser. Note that as of
this writing, you can't sign up for a Zynga account when playing on
2. Click the Get Farm Cash tab on the top menu.
If you need help navigating FarmVille's menus, see Chapter 3.
2. Purchase any amount of Farm Cash using a PayPal account.
See the “Buying Farm Coins and Cash through FarmVille” section, ear-
lier in this chapter, for more on purchasing Farm Cash from within the
game. Note that this step requires having an active PayPal account;
for information about what's involved in having a PayPal account, go
to or check out PayPal For Dummies, by
Victoria Rosenborg and Marsha Collier (Wiley).
3. Complete your transaction.
A pop-up notification appears, asking whether you'd like to sign up for a
Zynga account.
4. Enter an e-mail address and password and click Create an Account.
A page appears to confirm that your Zynga account has been created.
5. Check your e-mail account for a confirmation e-mail from Zynga and
click the link provided to redeem your free Farm Cash.
Your Farm Cash will automatically appear in your accumulated Farm
Cash bank the next time you log in to the game.
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