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Figure 5-7: The FarmVille Game Bar Installation page.
4. Click Install Now.
The FarmVille Game Bar add-on downloads and installs on your system
5. Restart your browser.
The FarmVille Game Bar should appear just below the address bar in
your browser.
After the FarmVille Game Bar is installed, the 10 Farm Cash you earned for
installing it will appear in your FarmVille Gift Box the next time you log in to
the game.
Register for a Zynga account
Zynga also offers free Farm Cash to players who register for a new Zynga
account when paying for Farm Cash with a PayPal account. Having a Zynga
account lets you purchase FarmVille currency without logging in to your
PayPal account.
To register for a Zynga account and earn this bonus, follow these steps:
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