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To complete an offer, simply click the Farm Cash button and follow the direc-
tions on the page that pops up. Your Farm Cash will appear in your account
after the period of time indicated in the offer's description (this time period
is highlighted in bold). If your Farm Cash doesn't appear, click the Missing
Farm Cash button just below the Buy Farm Cash & Coins menu and click the
Contact links there to report a problem. If you still need help, see Chapter 14
for more on contacting Zynga support.
Before you click the Farm Cash link, be sure to read the light gray “require-
ments” text associated with each offer. This fine print, which highlights in
red when you hover the mouse over the offer area, lays out exactly what you
need to do to qualify for the free Farm Cash, and it can differ significantly
from what the link text might suggest.
For instance, some free trial offers reserve the right to revoke your Farm
Cash if you cancel the new subscription within three days. Other subscrip-
tions may increase their monthly rate after a brief trial period if you don't
cancel, so watch out!
Also note that most of these offers require submitting personal information
such as your mailing address and phone number in addition to your credit
card information. Even if you cancel your subscriptions to these services,
your information may be sold or given to spammers and junk mailers. Look
for the privacy policy at the bottom of the offer page to make sure your infor-
mation will be protected.
Sponsored links
In addition to the advertising offers on the Get Farm Cash page, Zynga also
offers a rotating set of sponsored links from third-party vendors below the
FarmVille play area, as shown in Figure 5-6. These always-changing links can
offer free Farm Cash for everything from watching a movie trailer to purchas-
ing a Halloween costume, and they often promote new, seasonally appropri-
ate products or services. Simply click the link and follow the directions on
the page that pops up to receive your Farm Cash.
Although you can trust the offers and promotions listed in this section, other
Web sites offering free Farm Cash may be scams. See Chapter 13 for more on
recognizing and avoiding some common FarmVille scams.
Install the FarmVille Game Bar
Zynga currently offers 10 Farm Cash for installing the FarmVille Game Bar
on your browser. This toolbar, which stays at the top of your browser even
when you're surfing other Web sites, helps you manage common FarmVille
tasks with a single click.
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