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Earning “free” Farm Cash through
offers and promotions
For farmers who don't want to buy Farm Cash directly or wait for it to slowly
accrue through playing the game, there is a third option. Zynga provides vari-
ous offers and promotions for you to use to earn bonus Farm Cash. These
offers might require you to buy a product, install a program, sign up for a free
trial, or watch an advertisement to earn your in-game currency.
If you scroll to the bottom of the Get Farm Cash page, you see a table with
dozens of Farm Cash offers from Zynga's advertising partners, as shown in
Figure 5-5. These can include anything from a movie rental service or maga-
zine subscriptions to credit card applications and products.
Each offer consists of a description of the product or service being offered,
the specific requirements to earn the Farm Cash, and a button highlighting
how much the offer is worth in Farm Cash.
Figure 5-5: Some examples of third-party offers for Farm Cash.
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